Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monkey Love!

I thought about posting a few times this week, but each time I decided that I needed more material...well now I have so much to report. Everyday when Ellie comes in, I ask how her day went and what she learned. Everyday she says "we did math and monkey bars". Each day she increases the number of monkey bars that she did. We started with 3 and now we are up to 60! I finally got to see her perform on the monkey bars today. WOW! She really impressed me and I got so tickled because she looked like a little monkey. We got back in the car and she asked me if I thought she did good. Of course I went on and on about how impressed I was. She said everyone in her class could do it and Tyler can do 60! Then she said "well, that can't be- there aren't that many monkey bars..." as if she needed to talk herself down from the peak of exaggeration.

Speaking of monkeys...she got a monkey in her pocket this week, which means she "monkied around" a little too much. I can't even remember the details of the reprimand, because all I heard about was "FunRun" and how I needed to "login to .com, funrun, and see if Rainey, Charlene, GiGi, Aunt Pot, David and Milo could sign up to do the fun run. There will be a space bounce and it will be so much fun". I asked her if it was a fundraiser and she said "NO, it is a FUN RUN" (say it out loud and you'll hear how funny that sounds)!

She couldn't have been monkeying around that much if she could remember the sales pitch verbatim. I had to email Ms. Sisk and tell her that she would be so proud of Ellie. I also assured her that the following day would better. She said that she enjoyed having her in class and that Ellie told the guidance counselor that everyday at school was just terrible. When they asked her for specifics, she grinned and said "I'm just kidding". Ms. Sisk, like so many others said "Look out drama class..." And to think, at 18 months of age, Ellie was voted "Drama Queen" of her class by the daycare staff.

An update on my back:

I went back to the Chiropractor yesterday and as promised, it didn't hurt nearly as much as the first time. I left my translator in the waiting room so that maybe I would get more treatment. I did, and Dr. Lott said that I was right on track. It has been one week and I now believe that every day shows a 10% improvement. If this is the case I should be as good as new Tuesday. I am planning to teach class this week; I just know that I won't be able to do things 100%. Jenni led class today and I participated minimally. I went through a lot of the steps, but was very easy on the hips. I could tell that I was working it and I knew when to back off. When I left I felt looser and actually pretty good! I am still wondering if I will ever be the same and able to shake it (like a polaroid picture)...I love to shake it. Liz and Jenni gave me a couple of dirty looks during class (as if I was overdoing it) and at the end of class said that my hips just couldn't help it and that I don't even realize I am doing it! I can't sit around and do nothing, and from what I've heard physical therapy (that's what we'll call my zumba class this morning) hurts!


  1. Hang on tight, Lori. With a drama queen in the family, it is sure to be a wild ride. I know firsthand. Amanda has been a drama queen from an early age :). She loves to tell me and my husband that our lives woudl be very dull without her, and you know what? She's right, LOL!

  2. I need to know more about this "Fun Run". as for your back, it sounds like Dr. Chiropractor is a miracle man. I am glad that it is getting better. Love.