Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boot's off and summer is on!

Boo didn't even give me a chance to blog about her recital. Instead, she decided to break her foot 2 days after. Phew! What if it had been 2 days before?! So, before I blog about the foot I have to backtrack a little and reflect on recital weekend. We hold our breath every year, hoping that the kids stay well so they can showcase their new moves in their flashy and pretty costumes. They really only get one shot a year and this year Ellie had 4 dances plus an extra special number that was featured in all 3 shows. That meant we had to be at the recital venue the entire weekend. I didn't realize that early on, so I didn't have time to dread it or fret about it too much. However, I was worried that Boo would be so worn out from rehearsals and the 2 extra shows that when it was time for her big show on Sunday, she (and I) would be exhausted and ornery. I couldn't have been more wrong in my thinking. She loved every minute of it. She got to see the older girls perform and got hang out with them back-stage. I didn't mind being there either. There was plenty of entertainment, on-stage and off. All of the hours spent there on Friday night and Saturday only prepared her more for Sunday. She danced pretty every time she stepped on the stage! And being the inexperienced dance mom that I am, I let the teachers coach her on how to improve. As it turns out, these tiny dancers respond better to them anyway. By Sunday, she was a pro and I was able to sit back with the whole family and just enjoy the show. The extra special number "Flourish" was actually Cinderella, which is a song about a dad's perspective as he watches his baby girl grow up. There were 5 dancers from age 3 to (around) 22 and let me tell you, not many dry eyes in the house after they performed. This is one recital we will never forget!

So back to the boot. The tiny dancer was so excited about the new dance they learned in class the following Tuesday, she couldn't wait to show us. I was at a zumba class and Lamar was busy in the garage. He told her to wait and do it inside (and not barefoot in the garage), but do you think she listened? Then bam, in an instant, she knew she was hurt. She couldn't put weight on the foot and she was worried about being immobilized for a period of time, just in time for summer break and all the fun activities that don't work so well when you have crutches or a boot. We went to the ER that night and left with crutches and orders to stay off the foot for 3 days and follow-up with ortho doc as soon as possible. They didn't see a crack in the foot at the ER, but the ortho did, so it was 2+ weeks in a boot, and then a follow-up x-ray. She got out of the boot this past Wednesday (Her dad took her and SJ to the pool right away- see smiles in related pic), but has to be very careful for 2-3 more weeks. I think she will! She has too much that she wants to do this summer and 3 weeks of crutches and boot was enough time for her to think about it all. Oh, I almost forgot. Her appendix is ok too. A day or so after her injury she said she pulled a muscle in her side...."you know, my appendix..." LOVE HER!!!!!