Thursday, February 25, 2010

"You're Goin' Down Grandpa"

My poor baby has walking pneumonia AGAIN. I am posting from the guest bedroom where I have slept for the past couple of nights. Lamar says I am getting too comfortable up here, but I must say the mattresses up here are at lot less worn and I have slept like a baby. Lamar on the other hand has been attending to the princess while she coughs her poor head off through the night. It all started Tuesday night after gymnastics. We went to Logan's (Ellie's favorite place to eat and one of our favorites b/c of the meal bundle they offer for only $19.99!) to celebrate Ellie's promotion from level 1 to level 2. She got a medal and everything! We got home in time to watch American Idol but before the show was over Ellie started hacking and couldn't stop. She went on and on until she threw up in her bed, not missing any portion of the bedding. It was on the sheets, the quilt, the bedskirt, and the carpet. We decided to put her in our bed and I would sleep in the guest bed since I had to go to work the next day. She finally gave out around midnight, going from coughing straight to snoring.

She slept in yesterday and Lamar checked her in to school, hoping that congestion/drainage was to blame for the coughing spell the night before. She has already missed 3 days of school this year and I try not to over-react. Well, the school nurse called for us to pick her up before lunch and I decided she needed to go back to the doctor. She had a similar episode a couple of weeks ago but the Doc decided it was just a cold. Now I'm wondering if she ever got over the pneumonia from January....the doctor said that may be the case or she could have picked it up again. I was worried about swine flu since Milo (next door) just got over it.

Anyway, the diagnosis yesterday meant that Ellie had to stay home from school today. She slept like a baby last night from about 8:00pm to 2:00 am, but then was up until 4:30. She and Lamar went back to sleep until 7:30 or so this morning. Then they spent the whole day together hanging out, watching cartoons, and doing LOTS of laundry. They couldn't wait for me to get home so that we could all load up to go see Dr. Jessica (get out of the house). I saw her this morning but Lamar still needed to go. He wanted to share his lab results from his MD with Jessica and see what he should do next. So we arrived at Southern Pines and went to the very back of the office to the family room where we could all hang out while Lamar got adjusted. I had given Jessica the heads up that his results were deemed "U" for unsatisfactory, so the first thing she said was "so, I hear you are unsatisfactory", and then went on to read the results aloud. One by one she read, and as it turns out there is only 1 area that is truly unsatisfactory and that is vitamin D. After she read the last (unsatisfactory) result, Ellie said to her daddy "You're goin' down Grandpa"! I thought we were all going to wet our pants! This kid's sense of humor is a gift to us all! She was paying attention to Dr. Jessica as if she were just another adult taking part in the conversation. I had to share....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's been way too long...

Happy New Year! I've been MIA over the holidays and I am finally ready to get on with it. We did have an extended holiday season with the big game on Jan 7 to top it off! Roll Tide!!!!! Miss Ellie has had a lot going on. She lost her 1st tooth the day before Christmas eve and I am racing against time to get pictures made before her 2 front (top) teeth fall out. I am having a particularly hard time with it because they really take on a whole new look with the permanent teeth. Once the baby teeth are gone, they are gone forever!!!!!!!

With the new year comes a new outlook and I am optimistic about the year to come. The only resolution I made was to try to cut out grains from my diet. Dr. Jessica is behind that one and I must say, that my hip (that gets a lot of exercise at zumba) is feeling pretty good. For about 6 weeks, it was a little achy and was making me nervous. I was really starting to baby it and I felt like I wasn't getting the most out of my zumba classes. I'm a little lop-sided, with 1 leg longer than the other, so I tried some heel-lifts. I tried to convince myself that the lifts were working, but after so long, I decided to give up the grains. One week into it, my hip was noticeably better. Now it may be that it was on the mend all along, but either way, I have drastically cut down on the grains. I still have an occasional tortilla chip or a bite or 2 of cornbread with my greens, but for the most part, I stick with plenty of meat, veggies and fruit. I still eat chocolate (not a grain) and a few potatoes, so the carbs are very present. My weight is the same (darn it) but I still feel successful because I am able to once again LOVE my zumba class! Now that I am able to really move it, move it I can do more and start thinking about burning some more calories and getting rid of some junk!

Well, that's pretty much all I have right now. I am hoping that this post will inspire me to blog more and make sure I continue to document all the hilarious stuff my Ellie does. The blog is titled "world according to Boo"....I am the original Boo-maker so I guess I can hog the post if I want to!