Monday, August 24, 2009

The Frog formerly known as Prince

It takes a village...or a cul-de-sac in my case, to raise a child. Ellie spent a lot of time with her friends this past weekend while I rested my back. She went next door and fell in love with 2 frogs. As you can see in the pic, she is practically kissing them...I love that she is a girly girl who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty once in a while. It's so much more fun when you don't worry about messing your hair up...thanks David and Milo!

So I went to see Dr. Lott today. I have never been so excited about a doctor's appointment. I didn't expect him to fix me today but at least I would know what the problem is and what exactly I need to do to fix it. I was so pleased to learn that he was the first Chiropractor to go to medical school at UAB. I had my translator with me (Lamar), so as we were making introductions and Dr. Lott began taking notes, Lamar filled him in on what happened to me (as if I couldn't explain it myself). You can imagine...

This was my first visit to any chiropractor so I really didn't know how it would all go. I have just heard testimonials about how "adjustments" made all the difference in the world with necks, backs, and even sinuses (???) Needless to say I was very excited about seeing a miracle worker. I was prepared to say "back off" if I didn't feel comfortable with him "tweaking" my back. But he made me feel so at ease; he knew right away that I had jammed my back (like you would jam a finger) and knew exactly how to fix it. I was so excited!

It all happened so minute he said "you probably won't like me" and then (according to Lamar) the fear in my eyes was that of someone looking at a freight train coming strait at them. He jerked my leg so hard and fast that my heart nearly stopped. I don't know if it hurt that bad or it just scared me to death. He informed me that I was the first screamer of the day. Meanwhile Lamar is standing in the corner laughing and saying "I didn't feel a thing"!

After that, I was very anxious about the rest of the "adjustment". He almost stopped short due to my screams. He was worried I would scare the next patient...I covered my mouth and let him crack me that 4th and last time. No regrets though; I am confident that the adjustment scheduled for Friday won't be as bad and in the end it will all be worth it.

There was a picture that his daughter had drawn back in 1998 that said "I love you daddy...have fun cracking backs"...I thought it was funny until he cracked mine!

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  1. Wow. The leg jerking part made me a little queasy (sp?) for you, but I am glad that there are no regrets. I know that you said that you go back on Friday, but what about in the meantime? Are you able to move around after today's back crackin' or is it still bed city?