Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Healthcare Plan....

I'm going to be selfish for a minute and blog about me. The blog was created to document the funny stuff that comes out of Boo's mouth, but I need an outlet for me too. It should be fine since I am the "Boo-maker" (one of the many affectionate pet names my darling husband has for me).

Anyway, I am so pumped about my new Chiro. Dr. Jessica. Pam at work went to see her and brought in a folder full of information regarding Chiropractic care. They performed a number of tests to determine what type of adjustments she would need and had plan of care ready at her next appointment. I was still feeling some pain in my back and curious about what caused my injury. I felt like I could get some answers from Dr. Jessica and within a week or so I had my very own folder full of information about my spine. In a nutshell my spine is way out of line....I'm walking around all's no wonder I jammed my back. I do believe that I have been out of line for a while and the jammed back just drew my attention to it.

I like Dr. Jessica's approach; she wants to see people stay healthy. Instead of forking out Co-pays for sick visits and drug refills, why not pay for wellness? Lamar had a good idea...why don't we pay a monthly fee to our primary care physician as long as we are well and stop paying if we get sick? I know it isn't that simple, but maybe I am still healthy enough to try it.

It's funny to me that Dr. Jessica and I have spent more time talking about my stomach issue than my back. When I went to my first appointment I was having a tough time with my stomach. I was about halfway through my 2 weeks of treatment for H.Pylori and my stomach was a mess, probably from the megadoses of antibiotics. I was ready to quit and hope that all the bacteria were gone. She convinced me to tough it out and follow my MDs orders but to consider a plan of action once that treatment was over. Instead of popping purple pills from the rest of my life, which has negative side affects, she suggests apple cider vinegar. This should trick my body into thinking it has produced enough acid therefore preventing overproduction. It makes sense to couldn't hurt to try it. If you could see our medicine cabinet you would understand why I am willing to give this natural approach a try...

Dr. Jessica has some strong opinions about processed food and is very big on drinking at least a gallon of water a day and an additional gallon for every can of soda consumed. Well, coke zero and diet coke have been staples in my refrigerator for years. I couldn't imagine doing without them...until Dr Jessica told me how bad they are. Of course I already knew that, but she makes me listen! I guess it is because she is a mother of 4 who is in great shape and seems to have en endless supply of energy. She is not afraid of the flu- no patient has ever gotten her sick. I truly believe that she practices what she preaches and it works, somehow. I want to try her program for a while and see what happens. I'm only a coule of weeks into it and I am already making progress. I can't quit everything at once- sugar white bread, cokes, caffeine....but I have started with the sodas and I am proud to say that I have had maybe 8 oz of coke in the past week. I am drinking plenty of water and publix green tea and feeling pretty good because of it.

If you had suggested a Chiropractor to me to resolve issues such as headache or stomach problems, I would have laughed. I've known people who have gone to Chiropractors and swear by I think I get it. I will still need to see my internist for check-ups but I am hoping to get thing under control through diet, adjustments, and proper exercise. I have pledged to do the home exercises, get adjusted, and take small steps to improve my diet. If it works then great, if not I will reassess my plan of care.

It's much more than getting your back popped; it is a wellness plan. Now I need to decide what to give up next. I'm thinking sugar....wish me luck with that!


  1. this plan sounds great..keep me updated on your progress and great job on the sodas...that's huge...if your gonna give up sugar...i will too...only you could understand my love for if youcan do it, maybe i can too!!! good job and good luck...once are such an inspiration!!! love you!

  2. We'll's hard to do everything right even part of the time...much less everyday. I'm taking baby steps...I hope you're doing ok. Call me sometime. Miss you, love you!